White Papers
With a history spanning over twenty years, Loop Telecom is an established company with a history in the telecom industry. Our consultants and senior management have come from other great companies such as Bell Labs. As such, we have a large body of technical expertise that, over the years we have distributed through the form of white papers. These papers are a useful tool to help you better understand telecommunications and Loop Telecom products.
Summaries of these documents are available here in this section along with links for you to download. For application notes detailing step-by-step instructions for specific products/applications, please contact Loop Sales.
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Copper, Fiber Optics, & Physical Layer
These papers discuss the physical layer of telecommunications and ...
Ethernet & TDM over Ethernet
These papers discuss Packet Switched Networks, commonly referred t...
Management & Protection
All networks need to be managed and protected against failure. Man...
SDH, SONET, & Synchronization
Loop Telecom products involving synchronous SDH/SONET technology a...
Telephones & Voice
The first large communications network before the internet, "plain...
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