Carrier Backhaul
As the number of internet access devices such as smart phones and laptops grows and grows, their desire for more and more data at higher speeds strains current telecommunications networks. Loop Telecom devices help carriers across the world as they expand and upgrade their network. This includes our SDH/SONET family of devices such as the O9400R and O9100 for transport over fiber optical lines. The V4150 provides scalable DS0 grooming solution.  Loop devices also provide last mile infrastructure and legacy access, such as our AM3440 in the Multi-Services Cross Connect category, filling in niche markets not served by big companies. 
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Loop-O9400R in Central-America Carrier Network Operations
SituationIn response to the increasing need of Gigabit Ethernet fo...
A major carrier choose Loop-V4150 for the Replacement of the existing DS0 Cross Connect System in Taiwan
A major carrier in Taiwan wanted to replace the existing DS0 cross...
Deploying Routers in the Developing World
SituationDeveloping countries have more and more people logging on...
SDH Rings with Loop Telecom Products
Loop Telecom’s line of SDH/SONET products are designed for h...
Remotely Managing 30 E1 with AM3440 and V4200-9
This application is being used in a country experiencing rapid gro...
Loop-E1500 Frame Relay Inband Management
This application from South America is ideal for a client who need...
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