These accessories have over the years proven to be helpful and important tools when using Loop products. For example, the Y-boxes provide protection switching of terminal equipment. The RSSI meter provides accurate antenna placement for our wireless products. Finally, SFP (Small Form-factor Pluggable transceiver) Optical Modules span a wide range of modes, distances, and connectors to exactly fit your optical network's needs.
Protection Relay Shelf for V4150
The Protection Relay Shelf support with 1:N (N
Cable Management with Air Filter
The Loop Cable Management with Air Filter accessory is an easy to use ...
Airflow Guide Rack
The Loop Air Flow Guide is an easy to use supporting module for the V4...
External Antennas
This brochure lists the external antennas supplied by Loop Telecom. Th...
Conversion Panels, Y-Box, Y-Box Panels
Loop Telecom offers conversion panels, Y-boxes, and Y-box panels avail...
ACC-TB Tapping Bridge Box
Loop Telecom's Loop-ACC-TB E1/T1 Tapping Bridge Box is an economic sol...
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