Fiber Optical Multiplexers (FOM)
Loop Telecom’s Fiber Optical Multiplexers (FOM) category contains flexible equipment that can provide backhaul for 2G/3G/3.5G mobile networks as well as private network access for campus and office buildings. FOM devices can transmit both T1/E1 and Gigabit Ethernet (GbE) over redundant optical fiber links. All equipment and plug-in cards are modular in design and allow users to grow, manage, and maintain the network with high quality and efficiency. Loop FOM devices can be a stand-alone 1U high desktop unit or rack cards for the C5600 and C5400 mounted in a standard 19" or 23" rack.
O9340S Multi-Services Gigabit FOM
O9340S Multi-Services Gigabit FOM
O9210S PDH Fiber Optical Mux (Loop Tech)
O9210S PDH Fiber Optical Mux (Loop Tech)
O9340S Multi-Services Gigabit FOM
The Loop-O9340S Multi-Services Gigabit FOM is a flexible, cost-effecti...
O9340R Multi-Services FOM Rack Card
The Loop-O9340R Multi-Services FOM is a flexible, cost-effective plug-...
O9330 Fiber Optical Mux
The Fiber Optical Mux product family provides ideal solutions for buil...
O9310 4E1 or 4T1 Fiber Optical Mux
The Loop-O9310 belongs to the Fiber Optical Mux product family and pro...
O9220 PDH Fiber Optical Mux Standalone (Loop Tech)
The Loop-O9220 standalone from Loop Tech is a point-to-point optical t...
O9210S PDH Fiber Optical Mux (Loop Tech)
Loop Tech's Loop-O9210S is a point-to-point optical transmission devic...
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