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2016/04/29 【Product News】
Product Announcement: TDMoG on O9400R
 Loop Telecom is proud to announce the TDMoG card for O9400R.
This is one of the TDMoE family products developed by Loop after IP-6700, IP-6716, IP6763 and AM3440-TDMoE. This card would allow operators to transport up to 252E1 or 336T1 and Ethernet traffic over IP network. This allows cost effective migration to IP network from existing voice and data network using existing TDM based equipment.
The O9400R-TDMoG module converts the TDM data stream and timing information from the PDH and SDH/SONET ports on the O9400R into packets through cross connection and transmits to the connected IP/MPLS* or Metro Ethernet network via dual combo Gigabit Ethernet WAN ports with 802.3ad Link Aggregation capability. Another Pseudowire device converts the received packet stream back to original PDH and SDH/SONET data stream along with the original timing information.
The card is hot-swappable and can be installed or removed from a Loop-O9400R chassis when the Loop device is powered up.
For more detailed information about this brand new card, please visit the TDMoG product page to read more or download the brochure.