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2016/08/11 【Product News】
Product Announcement: B2G5 STM16/OC-48 Interface Module for the O9400R
Loop Telecom is proud to introduce the B2G5 STM16/OC-48 Interface Card for the O9400R
The B2G5 plug-in module is also known as an STM-16 and OC-48 interface card. The card is hot-swappable and can be installed or removed from a Loop-O9400R when the O9400R device is powered up. The B2G5 plug-in module provides STM-16/OC-48 tributary interface on O9400R-CHAA chassis’ tributary slot 3 and 4 only.
For more detailed information about this brand new card, please visit the B2G5 Interface Card product page to read more or download the brochure.