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2016/08/10 【Product News】
Product Announcement: IP6702A TDMoEthernet
 Loop Telecom is proud to announce the IP6702A TDMoEthernet.
The Loop-IP6702A device allows operators to transport Unframed/Framed 1 E1 (1 Unframed/Framed T1) data stream with timing information over PSN (Packet Switched Network) via Pseudowire Protocol – SAToP or CESoPSN . Another IP6702A converts the received packet stream back to original E1 or T1 data stream with original timing information. This allows cost-effective migration from existing legacy TDM networks to Packet Switched Network.
For more detailed information about this product, please visit the IP6702A TDMoEthernet product page to read more or download the brochure.