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2016/07/21 【Product News】
Product Announcement: 6CDA Interface Card for the Loop-AM3440 series
Loop Telecom is proud to introduce the 6CDA Interface Card, for the AM3440 series.
The 6CDA plug-in card is designed for the single slot of Loop-AM3440 series. This interface supports 64 kbps data transport using the G.703 co-directional or contra-directional timing standard over a balanced wire.
The 6CDA card provides three co-directional/contra-directional mode options for different field requirements:
(a) Co-directional + Contra-directional controlling (DCE) mode,
(b) Co-directional + Contra-directional subordinate (DTE) mode, and
(c) Mixed mode.
The 6CDA card supports diagnostics and alarms. This allows diagnostics and fault isolation.
For more detailed information about this brand new card, please visit the 6CDA Interface Card product page to read more or download the brochure.