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2016/07/18 【Product News】
Product Announcement: Loop-W8230 Packet Microwave Radio
Loop Telecom is proud to introduce the Loop-W8230, a compact all-outdoor packet radio solution, combining the advance requirements of an all-outdoor profile with carrier-grade performance. Loop-W8230 generates significant CAPEX and OPEX savings, and is the innovative packet radio which is the perfect replacement of optical fiber cable and FSO.
Robust and durable single-box structure withstands harsh weather conditions and can be easily mounted on towers, rooftops, lamp posts, traffic light poles and small outdoor mobile cell-sites.
Enhanced spectrum utilization, low-latency traffic and comprehensive synchronization solution. Software-scalable bandwidths (ETSI 3.5/7/14/28/56 MHz,FCC 5/10/20/30/40/60 MHz) and adaptive modulation schemes (QPSK-1024QAM) provide traffic with more flexibility and strong adaptability to various application environments. Loop-W8230 is compliant with the IEEE 802.1/3 and RFC standards for various Ethernet functionalities.
For more detailed information about this brand new device, please visit the Loop-W8230 product page to read more or download the brochure.