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2016/05/24 【Product News】
Product Announcement: IP6704A TDMoEthernet
Loop Telecom is proud to announce the IP6704A TDMoEthernet.
The Loop-IP6704A TDMoEthernet is an ideal solution for service providers to build their network and achieve a fast return on investment. Currently providers need to transport both TDM and Packet traffic. These can be achieved using the E1/T1* and Gigabit Ethernet tributary ports of the IP6704A.
The Loop-IP6704A device allows operators to transport E1 ,T1*, E&M, X.21, or RS232 data stream with timing information over PSN (Packet Switched Network) via Pseudowire Protocol – SAToP/CESoPSN/MEF8*. Another IP6704A converts the received packet stream back to original E1, T1*, E&M, X.21 or RS232 data stream with original timing information. This allows cost-effective migration from existing legacy TDM networks to existing PSN.
For transport of TDM signals, the Jitter and Wander adheres to G.823/G.824 Traffic Interface.
For more detailed information about this product, please visit the IP6704A TDMoEthernet product page to read more or download the brochure.