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Company Overview


In 1991, a group of established professionals from the communications industry founded Loop Telecom. These industry leaders, with decades of experience and years of service at Alcatel, Verizon, British Telecom, Tellabs and AT&T, realized the largely untapped engineering and production capabilities of Taiwan. Just ten years after founding, with its Western-style engineering and management, Loop Telecom met the earnings, market, and product diversity requirements to go public with its IPO. It is currently traded on the Taiwan Stock Exchange Corp., or TSEC (3025). After finding success in its initial market coverage of just a few countries, including the United States, Russia, China and Taiwan, Loop Telecom has expanded its market outreach to over 70 countries around the world. Sales offices are found in Taiwan, China, Belgium, and the United States, with plans to open offices in South America and Africa. 

Diversity of Product Lines

Loop Telecom first developed product lines in the digital communications access field, including T1, E1 and DSL. Over the first five years, these products were sold initially to only a handful of countries; each year thereafter, Loop continued to diversify and increase its market territory. New product lines were created in IP, optical media, and management systems.
Today, Loop Telecom has a strong portfolio of over 50 products in a wide range of technologies, including DS0, E1, T1, xDSL, G.SHDSL, DS3, E3, OC3/STM-1, STM-4, IP-DSLAM, IP Access, IP CPE, Router, ATM, Frame Relay, Media Converter, and last mile access. It has produced the following product lines: • SDH/SONET • Copper/Optical Converters • Bridge, WAN Router, VPN • Frame Relay and ATM • IP Access • IP CPE • Optical Giga-bit Ethernet • xDSL, E1, T1, legacy voice interfaces—from Magneto, Ring Down, Metering, to FXS, FXO. • Mini and Micro Digital Cross-Connect Systems • EMS/NMS (Element and Network Management Systems)


The mission of Loop Telecom is to provide communication users and service providers with technology needed for access to the core communications network. Loop Telecom is dedicated to developing products that not only perform their main functions well and meet all network standards, but also offer end-users, network operators, and service providers with user-friendliness, efficiency, and economy. Loop Telecom customers include system integrators, world wide carriers, cellular operators, Internet service providers, last-mile service providers, and local small businesses. Loop Telecom products provide a wider range of features and fit more applications than many other brands in order to facilitate access to all communications networks, including IP, optical, wireless, and legacy TDM systems.


As a small company among giants, Loop Telecom offers fast and personalized responses to meet its customers’ specific needs. Because Loop products are cost effective as well as cost competitive, customers can also be more competitive in service level and in cost.

Dr. Mawlin Yeh – President, CEO, Founder

Dr. Yeh is the President, CEO, and Founder of Loop Telecom. Before establishing Loop in 1991, he previously held engineering management positions at Tellabs, Telco Systems, NYNEX, and Bellcore. At Tellabs he was a principal designer for voice compression and adaptive systems. Dr. Yeh has served as a member to many government committees in Taiwan. He was also one of the members of ITRI’s 3C Technical Advisory Committee. Dr. Yeh has over 30 years of experience in the Telecommunications industry.

Dr. John Pan – Vice President, New Business

Dr. Pan is a member of the pioneering team that developed T1 at Bell Laboratories. He has over 30 years of digital transmission and switching experience while at Bell Labs, and later at Verizon. On digital networks, he has published dozens of significant papers in technical journals and holds many US patents, earned while at Bell Labs as well as at Loop.
Mr. Joseph Lau – Vice President, Research & Development

Mr. Lau was educated in the United States with a master's degree from the University of Florida. He spent many years as an ocean engineer at NOAA and a systems engineer at NASA. At NOAA he worked with the GEOS satellite transmission system, which led him into telecommunications. While at NASA, Mr. Lau helped built a model of the Space Shuttle and was an engineer in charge of the electronic firing control system. At Telcordia (formerly Bellcore) he was the chief editor of TR-233, Wideband, and Broadband DCS Requirements. At TranSwitch he was the manager responsible for the architecture of SONET/SDH and ATM chip sets. Mr. Lau holds many patents related to SONET/SDH and ATM technology.

Mr. Michael Liu – Vice President, IP Technology

Mr. Liu graduated from the University of Southern California with a Master’s degree in Electrical Engineering. Prior to joining Loop Telecom, he specialized in SDH/SONET Technology at Syncom. He is the head of the IP technology department at Loop, managing IP protocols and the iNMS management system. Mr. Liu has been in the telecommunications industry for over 15 years.

Mr. Jack Imber – Vice President and General Manager, International Sales

Mr. Imber is a pioneer in the development of analog and digital transmission test equipment, notable for contributions worldwide on test systems definition, development, and services management. Among other notable positions in the telecommunication industry, he was an assistant program manager for G.E. at Cape Canaveral Florida, a technical lobbyist in Washington D.C., Vice President of Hekimian Laboratories, and Vice President of Taiwan Victory Technology Corporation prior to joining Loop Telecom. 

Mr. Marty Wu – Vice President, China/Asia Marketing & Sales

Mr. Wu is a graduate of Polytechnic Institute of New York University with a master's degree in Electrical Engineering & Computer Science. He worked for three years at AT&T as a sales support and applications engineer, and has spent nearly twenty years at Loop Telecom in the sales and marketing department. Mr. Wu is currently the department head of China/Asia Marketing and Sales. 

Mr. Michael Tzeng – Vice President, Asia/Oceania Marketing & Sales

Prior to joining Loop Telecom, Mr. Tzeng was the G.M. Asia of SDO Communications Corp. He has over 20 years of experience in the fiber optic broadband transmission field.  Mr. Tzeng is currently the department head of Asia/Oceania Marketing and Sales in Loop Telecom.

Mr. Y. T. Lai – Vice President, Production

Prior to joining Loop Telecom, Mr. Lai has over 25 years of electronic manufacturing system experience with Acer and Logitech. He is the department head of production in Loop Telecom 
Quality Policies

Quality and Reliability

Increasing network complexity calls for standards-based computerized management and control. Loop Telecom strives to create products that offer functionality beyond their primary purpose; while adhering to strict network standards, every product is designed for ease-of-use and customized options. With Loop Telecom products, customers have the option to include redundancy in their systems architecture – in transmission links, in network elements, and down to duplicated plug-in cards.


As an ISO 9001/ ISO 14001 approved company, Loop Telecom customers can be assured of continuing and consistent quality control in all phases of production. All products have United States, Canadian, Chinese, Pan-European, and Russian certifications commensurate with our world-wide market.
As an ANSI/ESD S20.20-2007 (ElectroStatic Discharge Assocation) certified company, Loop Telecom factory established a major mile stone in its factory quality. 
Loop-O9400R SDH/SONET ADM/TM granted the TL9000 certification.
Loop-AM3440-A/C Access DCS-Mux,  Loop-O9500 SDH/SONET IMAP, and Loop-IP6810 Self-Healing Ring NTU granted IEC61850-3 and IEEE1613 certifications.

Environmental Policy

Loop Telecom’s mission is to maintain sustainable business development and expansion while recognizing the importance of protecting the environment. Through a process of continuous improvements and environmental protection awareness, Loop Telecom is committed to pollution prevention and to protecting the environment by making better use of the Earth’s resources, developing green products, improving production methods, reducing harm to the environment, complying with all laws, doing its best to prevent pollution by stressing environmental education, and promoting environmental protection awareness. RoHS and WEEE

Compliance Statement

Loop Telecom’s products comply with Directive 2002/95/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council on the restriction of the use of certain hazardous substances in electrical and electronic equipment, dated 27 January 2003, including ANNEX. All products also comply with WEEE Directive 2002/96/EC.


With three main offices in Taiwan and China, Loop Telecom has a workforce of over 200 engineers, sales representatives, and support staff. To provide optimum product quality and specialized orders, staffing at Loop Telecom emphasizes engineering. In its international headquarters in Taiwan there are 185 staff members; in Tianjin, China, there are 21; while in Chongqing, China, there are 14 staff members.

Sales Strategy

Loop Telecom's distribution channels include representatives, distributors, in-country partnerships, OEM agreements with companies wanting to have products sold under their name, and a direct sales force in selected market areas. Its philosophy is to invest in and partner with well-established companies with reputations for integrity, quality, and after-sales service in their market places. By becoming a faithful partner, Loop Telecom assures a solid foundation for the continued preference for its products.

Production Capacity

Loop Telecom has ample space for expansion. The factory production capacity is currently determined by the automated testing facility used in final quality assurance for completed products. This capacity will be expanded in concert with growth.

After Sales Customer Relations

To respond to customers' needs, Loop Telecom has offices and repair facilities worldwide. In addition to the headquarters location in Taiwan, sales support offices are in the United States, China, and Europe. Furthermore, a distributor network is established worldwide. Repair facilities, in addition to the factory, are located in the United States and in Europe. Members of the Loop Telecom Field Applications Engineers (FAE) Department are veterans not only in the application of Loop Telecom products, but also in the interworking with products from other manufacturers. FAE members travel extensively to render assistance in the installation and operation of Loop Telecom products.

Business Opportunities

Loop Telecom welcomes ODM (Original Design Manufacturer) and OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) relationships with companies in the telecommunications field. Our philosophy is to partner with well-established companies known for integrity, quality, and after-sales service in their respective market segments. We hope that through trust and close interaction, Loop Telecom and our partners can build a strong and lasting business relationship.
If you are interested, please email us at sales@looptelecom.com

Employment Opportunities

Marketing & Sales 
We are looking for in-country marketing and sales representatives to help us make industry connections and net large accounts in new, untapped markets across the world. Opportunities are available in full-time or part-time roles, with compensation being a negotiable combination of retainer and commission.
  • Located in South America (especially Brazil and Argentina), South Africa, India, Eastern Europe, or Australia
  • Fluent in local language and business level English
  • Extensive experience in telecommunications industry
Loop Telecom goes the direct recruitment route. We do not use any outside recruiting agent. If you are interested, please email your resume and a short introduction about yourself to hrdept@looptelecom.com